Book of the Month
Leading Sustainable Change
Rebecca Henderson, Ranjoy Gulati and Michael Tushman
Book of the Month

Paperback. 400 pages
Published June 2016
Oxford University Press

Key Features:

  • Contributions from leading scholars in the field of organisational change
  • Combines both leading edge thinking with concrete examples
  • Analyses the challenge of sustainability for large organisations
  • Identifies major drivers of organisational change

‚ÄúLeading Sustainable Change is, simply put, about the future of capitalism and the planet. It’s a compelling lens on how executives who “mean well” about the environment can reinvent their thinking and their companies. The book combines hard data with real corporate examples and underlying theory. It is an essential book for thoughtful executives and academics who recognise that sustainable change is the inevitable future.”

Kathleen M. Eisenhardt, S.W. Ascherman M.D, Professor, Stanford University