To Tangle or To Tango: The Reconfiguration of Religious Institutes

Sydney, Australia October 2005

The conference "To Tangle or To Tango: The Reconfiguration of Religious Institutes" was held in Sydney Australia in October 2005. It attracted 430 participants from Australia , New Zealand , New Guinea , Italy , Singapore , Canada , USA , United Kingdom , Ireland and Jamaica . The participants were not promised answers but an opportunity to converse with women and men of Religious Institutes about the potential of reconfiguration to enable the vitality of both mission and community life.

The reflections were enriched by the theology of Rev Richard Lennan and Sr Patricia Fox rsm, the sociology of Sr Patricia Wittberg sc, the canonical perspective of Rev Francis Morrisey OMI, the psychological implications of change by Drs Gerardine Taylor and Tony Robinson and the organisational perspective of Dr Maureen Cleary.

Within this rich tapestry of theoretical underpinnings were stories of a variety of Religious Institutes that have embarked on a reconfiguration or structuring process. These reflections were generously provided by Sr Marie Chin rsm, Sr Breege O'Neill rsm, Sr Lorraine Campbell sm, Br Peter Rodney fms, Sr Lorelle Elcock OP, Rev Denis Travers cp and Sr Denise Fox rsm.

The Conference organisation recognised that the participants would need a reflective space in which to dialogue. Gathering and Closing Reflections were energetically led by Sr Val O'Hara rsm. The "Artists in Residence" Pauline Clayton and Sr Rosemary Crumlin rsm created a space and environment to explore, depth and communicate whatever. The continuing reflection was assiduously assisted by the Critical Responders, Sr Marlette Black pbvm, Sr Mary McDonald sgs and Br Graham Neist fms who daily feed back to the group the key issues they heard emerging in the Conference processes.

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