Facilitation and Consultancy Services

Governance & Management provides nonprofit board members and executive managers with processes, training, information and leadership skills they need to effectively govern their organisations towards a certain and productive future. We do so through the following consultancy services:


Maureen Cleary has facilitated numerous national and international conferences, workshops and meetings over the last twenty years. The size of these gatherings has ranged from 5 to 305 people. Her easy style puts participants at ease while guiding the group to their desired outcomes. As one participant said: “your skill at keeping us on track and moving forward was pivotal in our development. Underlying your skill is a tenacily, courage and honesty, which I think comes from a sense of mission, which has something to do with assisting others to move beyond self-imposed boundaries.”

Change Management Process

The essence of good change management is understanding where you want to be and how to achieve your desired change. G&M has extensive experience in assisting nonprofit organisations to effectively manage their change process using consultative communications techniques that enable all participants to cope with the change. We will assist you to arrive at new structures, actions, objectives and processes.

Organisational Reviews and Evaluations

We design and conduct evaluations and reviews specific to your board or organisation to evaluate your board, council, chief executive or committee performance.

Governance Training and Development

Our governance training recognises board members as adult learners and that any modules need to build on the experience and wisdom that the participants bring to training. Our courses are therefore delivered in an interactive mode: input, discussion and group exercises. Ours is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach but is flexibly designed to meet the needs of your particular organisation. Maureen Cleary particularly specialises in the governance training and development of religious organisations.

Assisting clients to improve their current effectiveness and to facilitate desired changes is one of the most important tasks of a consultant.