Prayers For Meetings: Catholic Version    Maureen Cleary

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For use at meetings of boards, councils, committees, volunteers or staff of church organisations.

This flexible kit contains:

  • 12 Prayer Themes of beautifully illustrated Prayer Sheets. The themes can be used in any order and in conjunction with a special focus of a meeting of your board, committee or group. For example, “A Future Full of Hope” when doing strategic planning. “The Economy of Being Gratuitous” for the financial budgeting meeting. “In Time of Sorrow” when the organisation or someone at the meeting has suffered a bereavement.
  • 20 copies of each Prayer Theme have been provided and produced in such a way that they can be re-used by various groups in your organisation.
  • The CD called “A Meeting Place – Inspirational Songs And Music” featuring the songs of James Maher msc, Trisha Watts, Maggie Russell, Amanda McKenna, Jared & Rebecca Haschek, Monica Brown, Kevin Bates sm, Monica O’Brien, Geoff Bullock, Gina Ogilvie and Michael Mangan and other instrumental music by Gina Ogilvie. All the music required for each session.
  • A “How To Use This Kit” Booklet illustrates the flexibility in using each Prayer Theme. Each Session has six parts:
  • Short introduction by the Leader.
  • Reflective music (2 mins).
  • A reading.
  • A short response prayer.
  • A one-one-one shared reflection.
  • A closing song.

The whole session can take up to 15 minutes as it is presented. However, the Leader and group can decide to change the order of the various parts, delete or extend any part.

Prayer Themes

  • God’s Presence
  • The Least of My Family
  • An Open Heart
  • The Paradox of Suffering
  • The Economy of Being Gratuitous
  • Care of Earth
  • On Faithfulness
  • Go Forth
  • No Peace Without Justice
  • A Future Full of Hope
  • In Time of Sorrow
  • We Give Thanks

Author and Producer: Maureen Cleary
Art Work & Design: Paula Volona
Major Photography: Annette Potter
ISBN: 978-1-876550-12-7



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