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Governance & Management Pty Ltd is a service organisation committed to assisting nonprofit organisations increase their governance effectiveness.

Governance & Management Pty Ltd was formed in 1998 to resource the boards of nonprofit organisations in Australia by Maureen and Jim Cleary because they believe that nonprofit organisations need board members who have the leadership skills in their governing responsibilities to take their organisations into a certain and productive future. Nonprofit organisations will not achieve their full potential without the leadership of accountable, well-equipped and capable boards.

During 2001 - 2005, Governance and Management Pty Ltd traded as the Nonprofit Governance & Management Centre.

Maureen Cleary - CEO & Principal Consultant

Maureen Cleary specialises in community, religious and nonprofit organisations. She brings her skills and experience of working in and managing a variety of nonprofit organisations to facilitating meetings and workshops, strategic planning processes and training boards in issues of governance and management. She focuses her work around the importance of maintaining and developing the mission of the group within contemporary management practices. In conducting training workshops, Maureen draws upon 20 years experience as an educator and presenter and holds a PhD in management. Maureen Cleary also has extensive experience in facilitating organisational change programs for organisations.


Michelle Cooper – “Board Matters" Journalist & Researcher

Michelle Cooper has been the Journalist and Researcher for Board Matters newsletter and CEO Clippings since our first issue in March 2000. She is relentless in the pursuit of information; a skill well developed in her previous employment as a Radio Producer at the ABC. Michelle began her work life as a trained nurse and holds a degree in communications.


Elizabeth Hardman

For many years Elizabeth Hardman was our Office Manager, and now assists with our mailouts and events. She has extensive experience of the nonprofit sector and has worked in child care, health and university administration.


Enid Cross - Special Projects Assistant

Enid Cross, Special Projects Assistant, works on a variety of special projects including research administration, filing, advertising and conference registrations. She also had many years of experience in university administration.


Alex Hogan

In between studying for dual degrees in Communications and International Studies, Alex Hogan packs our products for dispatch and updates our data files.


Paula Volona

With amazing generosity and creativity, Paula Volona continues to produce art-work and design for our productions which gives them life and energy. She works as a Contractor for Governance and Management Pty Ltd.



Being fascinated by what doesn’t work is the first step in organisational change.
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